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September 11, 2012
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After watching him leave, she went about pulling off the rags of clothing she had left on her body, throwing them into the sink out the way, before starting to wash herself off using the things Theo hand left on the side of the bath for her. After rinsing off, she carefully climbed out of the tube, using the side to support her as she found her feet, quickly grabbing the bath towel and wrapping it round her.


Theo stood sorting the girl some of his older, smaller clothes, when he become aware of a presence of another reaper in the room with him.
"What do you want, William?" Theo demanded not looking up from what he was doing

"I think you know why, sir, the girl needs to be dealt with, and I have become aware that a member of my team has messed up by letting the girl slip through their fingers without a proper judgement." William replied stiffly as he unnecessarily corrected his glasses.

"By the condition of her body, she had been there for a good two days, so what is your excuse for such a drawn out delay?" he inquired turning to face Will, his acidic green eyes visible and intently watching him.

"I've only just been informed of the mistake, so she must have simply been lost in system, as they sometimes do when it isn't handled correctly." William floundered about trying to justify his team's error to his former superior.

"For someone so pedantic about rules, you don't seem to pay much mind to addressing such large errors in your system" Theo stated knowing full well that criticizing him in this way is a lot more effective then raising his voice. He maybe known to be mentally unstable, but in actual fact you will find he walks that fine line between genius and insanity, stepping off either side on a pure whim.

William started to feel flustered as the legendary reaper side cut through the persistent jester front, reminding him just how much he feared and admired the man before him. "I admit there is a few glitches in the system... but... they are being diligently removed..." he replied somewhat shakily as he started to fidget, adjusting his tie and glasses contently.

"Let's hope they do, for next time I might not be there to clean up after you" he warned bitterly,

"I apologise for you having to clean up after my team's error" he offered curtly bowing to Theo, "but I need to take her as soon as possible to get this matter resolved quickly"

"No..." he stated simply before going back to what he was doing

"What do you mean?"

"Do I really need to spell it out for you? You left her in a decaying shell that could hardly be called a body, crying out for help, so she will be staying here until she's had the chance to recover, before you throw her into the anal stick insertion system."

"Sir... if I don't get this sorted at by the end of the week, I'm going to have to answer to the elders... you must understand the urgency of this matter"

"And you have to understand, that is no longer my problem" he corrected sharply "My problem is the kid that is currently using the bath, washing off the dried blood, after going throw possible the worst experience a human can go through, which you're teams incompetence caused."

"With all respect sir, just because you believe something should be done a certain way doesn't mean  that is how it will be done, I need to take the kid back to headquarters now"

"Look whose grown a pair~ quite the little authority figure now ain't ya?" Theo chuckled mockingly, his expression twisting from teasing to menacing in mere moments "so I suggest you get your head out your ass, end your love affair with the rule book and start aching like a god damn leader!"

"Sir, you can insult me all you wish that will not stop doing what needs to be done"

"This is my home, Mr Spears, my word is law within these walls, and I have already told you my intentions so I suggest you leave before I throw you into the basement, where you may join the rest of the boring and pretentious things that were just taking up space elsewhere." He stated sharply, his eyes narrowing as his annoyance coming up to boiling point.

Knowing that he hadn't a chance of winning he just sighed deeply... waiting for Theo to finish what he was saying.

"You may come and retrieve her on Saturday, no sooner, that will allow you to have everything sorted by Monday... no go before the girl returns from her bath..."

William just nodded stiffly before vanishing through a portal.

Just then, she come stumbling down the hallway, still trying to get used to walking, her legs shaking slightly as she put one foot in front of the other, held the long black towel round herself. She  stepped through the door mere moments after William had vanished, as she gave Theo sad look "why are you... organise for me... to be taken away?" she asked him, her eyes started to glisten with tears "don't you want me here?"

Theo moved towards her, lightly hugging her shoulders "No... no, that's not it little one... if it was up too me, you would stay here with me, but you see there is a place where you will to go to learn how to do something very special" he corrected, trying to explain as simply as possibly, without hurting her feelings further.

The girl tilted her head "I don't understand..."

Theo hesitated thoughtfully for a few moment, think how to word it "you see, m'dear, you aren't human any longer, you are something else completely, you are reaper. A reaper is a being that collects souls of the dearly departed, either sending them to heaven or hell, depending upon how well they lived their life, understand?"

"I'm a monster..." she whined,

"Do you think I'm a monster?" he asked softly

She shook her head lightly "No... you saved me... you're my friend..." she muttered shyly

"Well I'm a reaper, just like you" he announced, softly stroking the tip of her nose "And you know how I saved you, that's what you'll be doing for others, saving them from being trapped and in pain, now do you still think you are a monster?" he explained, playfully poking the end of her nose

She shook her head "I'm going to be more like an guardian angel, like you, Theo~" she exclaimed, smiled at him happily

Theo chuckled softly at her, pushing away all the negative feeling as not to show her a hint of a reason to doubt him... she was just so naïve he couldn't bring himself to explain just what he had turned her into... "Anyway... I've sorted out some clothes for you, they may be a little big but I'm sure we can fix that" he mused scooping up the clothes off the floor and laying them on the bed "I'm just going wait outside, so you get dressed okay? Then we'll talk a bit more over something to eat, if you like?"

"Okay... thank you..." she mumbled bashfully

He grinned before good humouredly bowing to her and leaving the room, standing outside the door, leaning against the wall, crossing his arms.

Meanwhile the girl tentatively looked through the clothing, before pulling them on, struggling with the shirt, her fingers fumbling with the tiny button up the middle and on the cuffs. "Theo..." she called, giving up on the buttons after the fourth time of trying to do up the one right at the very  bottom of  the shirt.

Theo popped his head round the corner "What's the matter m'dear?" he asked, not looking directly at her just in case she was still in anyway indisposed.

"I can't do up the shirt buttons, could you come and help me please?" she asked sweetly

"Of course, m'dear" he replied before coming back into the room, adjusting the shirt around her and skilfully doing up the tiny buttons in a matter of moments. "they take a little getting used to that's all" he reassured softly, looking up "there you go, all squeaky clean and dressed, doesn't that feel better?"

"Yes, thank you" she chirped giving him a hug, which he quickly returned before letting go of her, holding her at arms length, finally taking a good look at her sick she had gotten out the bath. She was a slim and small girl who looked around 15 or 16 years old, with pale skin, delicate features and big, and now bright green, eyes. Her hair was a charming light chestnut brown, as it ran over her shoulders touching her shoulder blades, all in all she was quite the pretty little thing.

He rubbed her shoulders, smiling softly "I think those clothes look better on you then they ever did me..." he mused rolling up her shelves getting rid of the overhang.

She blushed lightly "umm... thank you..." she mumbled looking down at the ground timidly

Chuckling softly he ruffled her hair "anyway, are you hungry, little one?" he asked,

She looked thoughtful for a few moments before her stomach answered for her by growing embarrassingly loud, making her blush deeper as she wrapped her arms round her.

"I'll take that as a yes," he chuckled warmly "I'll be right back dear, in the meanwhile please make yourself at home~"
Well hello dearies~
First of all, I would like to apologise for the delay in posted this second part, I've been busy with other things~

I do hope you all enjoy this second installment~
and don't forget that comments are always welcome :)

Part 3: Coming soon~
Part 2: you are here~~~
Part 1: [link]

Undertaker unfortunately doesn't belong to me but to Yana Toboso
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