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July 9, 2012
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It was yet another average day for the Undertaker, not that such days would ever  be considered average by anyone in their right mind, but never mind.
Another body had been dropped off that morning ready for it's careful and precise preparation for the nameless grave it was destined to occupy in the near future.

The unhinged Undertaker did love his job, but nameless ones had a tendency of putting a major downer on his usually mirthful work, for they would never have the glorious last party that every life deserved.

The Undertaker, you must understand is what most would call a very ecstatic character, he ravelled in his work, he loved the smell of the preparation chemicals, of freshly dug earth, and the cool, sticky feel of blood during the dissection, organ removal and research. The amused grin that pulled at his lips rarely slipping as he went about his day, almost as though he's heard a joke no one else seems to get, or more likely that they do not wish to understand.  

Opening his newly received gift, no matter how tainted the nameless quality gave it, his smile widened, a delightfully mutilated corpse comes into his grey shrouded  view. His favourite kind of gift, for intact corpse bored him, they lacked the delightfully messing fun during their meticulous preparation.
It was a female as far as he could tell, for her face was covered with cuts and slashes, and her body was covered in deep wounds, most of them exposed by the ripped and torn fabric, that had turned the reminder of her clothes a dark red.

While the Undertaker stood admiring the work that had been brought to him, he swore he could hear something, the sound was barely above whisper, so he wasn't sure whether he just imagined it or not. Standing completely still in case it wasn't just his imagination, and sure enough he heard it again, it was a small voice coming from the female he was observing.

"Please someone help… anyone please help me…" it whispered

He know exactly what had happened, someone had neglected their duty and left this poor unfortunate soul in it's decaying body, this kind of negligence caused him to wonder, what was happening to reapers of this generation? No one would have dared to pull something like this during his time, for the fear of the possible consequences.
The Undertaker quickly disappeared into the back room, to collect his scythe for it's hid hole, for this had to be completed for the soul has to be removed before it starts deteriorating inside it's current bloody container.

Returning to the corpse he sliced through one of the already open wounds, letting the cinematic record reels spill from of the corpse. With one glimpse and it was obvious that it were already too late, the reels held a grey nothingness within the unwinding frames. Leaving him little choice, but to cut through the film and turn her into a reaper, since there was no longer a way to make a fair judgement on the woman's soul.

Resting his scythe against a nearby coffin, the Undertaker reached into the corpse for the soul, feeling a hand grasp his, he pulled the female out of the body, helping her to her feet and out of the coffin. (The female's soul looked exactly the same as her body… at this point)The female clumsily clambered out the coffin, trying to steady herself as her feet touched the wooden floor, her small form shaking like a leaf. Unfortunately in the end gravity won the battle as she toppled sideways just to get caught by the Undertaker, before he lowered her on a closed coffin.

She simply sat there looking down at the floor, her mind desperately trying to process what had just happened… but she couldn't quite get her head round it.

The Undertaker stood watching her, worried slightly by her lack of speech and how bad the damage to her soul there may be after what had just happened… he was kicked out of his thoughts as he felt the female watching him

"T-t-thank you" she stuttered

"Can you remember your name, miss?"

She paused for a few seconds before shaking her head "No…" her bright eyes locked on the him, desperately looking for any sign of comfort in the weird man in front of her.

"Is there anything you remember at all?"

"Only calling out for help…"

He took a seat beside her on the coffin, wondering what to do with her now, since she had no memory at all and no name, so it's going to be difficult to find out who she was and complete her paperwork... something that he wanted to avoid at the best of times.

She suddenly threw her arms round him hugging him tightly… she couldn't understand what was happening, and there was only one thing certain at the minute, the man in front of her had helped her and for that she was grateful.

A small smile crossed his face as he hugged her back, gently stroking her blood stained hair, "Come on let's get you cleaned up and get you some clean clothes~" he let go of her

"Okay…" she muttered as she tried to get up before fall back down again

"Let me help you" he said softly placing her arm round his shoulders before wrapping a arm round her waist, "Just say when your ready and we'll go"

"Thank you… now is fine"

"Okay, on the count of three… one… two… three" he slowly stood up as she did the same, before they started walking,

"Umm… can I know your name?" the female asked, rather innocently as they walked

"Of course~ I'm mostly know as Undertaker, for that is what I do~ but my real names Theodore Warren~ so feel free to call me either~"

"Interesting name… but it's a good thing... that hasn't caught on… it would be a little strange if... everyone was just known... by what they do… especially if there were... more then one... person running it… for who decides who... is number one or two?" she mused thoughtfully earning her a light chuckle from the man beside her,

Theo had to admit he was starting to like this female… she was such a funny little thing, "indeed~ that would be a little odd but a never the less rather amusing~"

"You look much better with the smile then that solemn look you had earlier" she stated softly, still watching him closely.

"You really have been watching me all this time~?"

"I'm sorry… I don't mean anything by it… it just seem that... you're the only thing... with any kind of... understandable qualities... and watching you seemed... like a good way to... understand you a little… I suppose I could have... started to ask... questions but I haven't... a clue where to start… plus it's rather interesting to watch you…or as you say amusing…"

"There's no need to apologise, it's not every day someone watches me so intently that's all~ and don't worry I will explain everything to you when you're a little more comfortable…" he reassured with a smile  

"Thank you…"

"My pleasure m'dear~"

As they approached the bathroom; Theo pushed the door open with his foot, before walking in sideways. he set toilet lid down before sitting the girl on it, making sure she was steady before he rolled up his sleeve slightly so he could prepared some hot water to get her cleaned up. He bent down turning on the taps, watching the water slowly fill the bath, checking the temperature every now and then, making sure it doesn't get too hot.

The girl slumped off the toilet kneeling down on floor before making her way over to him on her hands and knees, "you're really pale…" she stated observantly "are you sick?" she asked looking up at him, concern evident in her voice.

Theo chuckled lightly "no m'dear~ I've always been very pale~ it was sweet of you to be concern about me~"  

"Oh good, I'm glad" she chirped happy as she ran her hand across the surface of the water, swirling her fingertips drawing shapes "you rescued me... so it's only natural for me... to want you well"

He knelt down besides her joining in, watching as she played with the water so innocently, so amused by such a simply thing. The blood and dirt started to flake off her skin as she did, revealing pale fingertips that were only a few shades darker then his own skin. She playfully splashed him, making his hair stick to his face, she sat there giggling at him until she got some back, and a look of determination crossed her her face as she launched a counter attack.

This went on for a little while until, Theo just ended up picking her up and plonking her in the bath, where she sat in a sulk at losing the game. He laughed at her as she stuck her tongue out at him, before throwing some water at him for good measure.

He simply stuck his tongue out before going to fetch a face cloth, soap, shampoo, a bowl and a couple towels. He lay the things down beside him, he knelt down picking up the bowl scooping up some water and pouring it over her head, as he went about washing her hair.

The girl watched him, as he helped her remove all the blood and mud caped to her hair, he was so gentle and kind… why was he being so nice to her? She stared into the murky water, thinking about everything that had happened so far.

"Something wrong, m'dear~?" Theo asked as he raised of the shampoo, revealing the  natural light brown colour of her hair.

She shook her head, looking up at him, giving him a little smile "Just thinking…"

"Alright~ but if there is something troubling you, feel free to tell me, little one" he reassured, as he gently rung the excess water from her hair.

She nodded

"Right, why don't you get yourself cleaned up while I'll go find something for you to wear?" he suggested warmly before getting to his feet, placing the wash things on the side of the bath so she could reach them.

She nodded slowly "just don't go too far away, okay?" she pleaded sweetly grabbing his sleeve,

Theo smiled at her "Don't worry, little one, I'll only be down the hall" he reassured before softly patting her hand

"Okay…" she mumbled before slowly letting go

"See you in a short while, little one"

She just nodded, smiling softly at him as she watched him leave.
Yet another whimsical little for my Undertaker obsessed mind~
This has been floating around my head for since last year, so i thought it was about time to do something with it~

So here you are~ Hope you enjoy it~
and comments are always welcome~

Part 2: [link]
Part 1: You are here :)

Undertaker unfortunately doesn't belong to me but to Yana Toboso
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