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Walking down a dark alley, Ivory swear she heard someone behind her but every time she glanced back there was no one to be seen, each time she'd just carry on walk shaking her head at her own supposed paranoia. It was her own fault she knew that she shouldn't be walking alone through an almost pitch black alleyway but it was the quickest way to her home and it had been a long day.

Little did she know that her feeling of being followed wasn't her mind playing tricks on her, as there was someone darting in and out the shadows not far behind her. His eyes glinted like the knife he wielded; he approached her just before she exited the dark alley into the well lit street, driving the knife into the middle of her back, quickly retrieving it before delivering several more blows. The attacker moved speedily as he landed 4 wounds before the white haired female hit the floor, she fell out of the darkness collapsing in the middle of the path, as the attacker disappeared back into the shadow with his crimson coated knife and her purse.

As she lay there, her blood rolling on the cobble stones, she tried to yell for help but her voice failed her, so all she could do was reserve herself for her own death and watch the pavement as her vision blurred, the last thing she saw was a haze of grey and black walking towards her….  

Waking up groggily face down on a rather weird smelling couch, Ivory slowly adjusts to her environment and of course to the fact she isn't dead.

"Anyone there?" called Ivory in a croaky voice

"Lookie lookie, Christmas cookie, she's alive~" she heard someone chuckle behind her

"Excuse me, I know you're really busy laughing at me, but would you mind helping me up?" she moved slightly to look at the person laughing but she couldn't find them in her limited line of vision

"Well, I'll see what I can do~" the voice replied gleefully, as she heard footsteps approaching where she lay "umm might be difficult without turning you onto your back, but I've got an idea~ do you trust me~?"

"Ok… well as much as you can trust a crazy stranger I guess, but you did save me so yea I trust you"

"Good~ because might hurt… a little~"

"There's no need to sugar coat it, I know it's gonna hurt a lot"

"Umm… right, take my hand and bend your knees~" he held out a hand in her line of vision,

"Okay, done" she said as he began to help ease her onto her knee "Oww" She muttered between clenched teeth, the intense pain making her eyes stream

"Do you want to stop~?"

"n-no… its fine… please just… carry on…"

"Almost there~"


"Right now I'm going to move~ so I can support your back as you slide your legs from underneath you~" he walked round her placing his hand just below her ribs,


"Easy does it~" he slowly helped her turn round as her legs moved from under her and she adjusted herself in a sitting position "there you are~"

"T-thank… you..." she said not looking up at him as she knew she looked a complete mess since she had bitten her bottom lip so hard it was now bleeding and she could still feel the tears streaming down her face, so she just sat there with the white veil of hair hiding her features.

"Would you mind if I checked the wounds on your back~?" he asked softly  

"No, go right ahead, is where I'm sitting ok?"

"Yea, there's fine, I think it would be best to restricted your movement for a while so your wounds don't open up again" he examined the four wounds on her back, 'hmm, why did he stab her repeatedly but still steered clear of hit any vital points?'

"Probably thought there was no need to hit any vital points, as with the damage alone would have more then likely killed me or put me into a coma, plus all they wanted was my purse and since I didn't see them there's no really need to kill me" she replied, regretting it the second after she said it as she had made the mistake of answering the question he was thinking instead of one he had voiced

"That's a peculiar talent you got there my dear~"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to it just I sometimes get what people think and what they say mixed up, especially when I'm not looking at them"

"It's quite alright~ calm yourself…"

"I sorry I didn't mean to pry but I can't block what I hear because of my weakened state" she stuttered, hoping he wasn't mad at her, when she stated coughing "oh no not now!" it started to worsen as she covered her mouth with her hand as her breathing became shallow as she slopped backwards into the sofa falling unconscious.

"Miss~? Miss~?"  He places a hand on her shoulder, shaking her gently but to no avail as she simple remained lifeless. Starting to panic slightly he checked her pulse which was slower then normal, meaning she was just unconscious but why did she fall unconscious all of a sudden? She was coughing slightly… wait a minute could it be she's got…. He picked up her hand she was coughing into and just as he suspected a pool of crimson sat in her palm….


Slowly opening her eyes again, to find she was still sat on the sofa but there was a man sat beside her, who appeared to be asleep but she wasn't sure since she couldn't see his eyes, she cautiously sat up wincing at the pain shooting up her back. She sat taking in the man beside her appearance, his long grey hair hung loosely around his face as a rather long fringe covered the top of his face from just above his nose, and the hat that once sat on his head tittered on the edge of the back of the sofa threatening to fall on the floor. His clothes consisted of a set of black robes that appeared to be a few sizes too big for him, and a grey sash that sat on his left shoulder and was loosely tied at his waist. A truly peculiar appearance, but she supposed it went with his personality which she gathered was on the weird side of the fence, the fact he still wore a large grin while he slept confirming this to be pretty much true.

She lightly touched his long taloned hand to check whether he was actually sleeping or he was simple pretending to, 'man, his hands are thin and pale' she thought looking down at his hands resting on the black fabric.

"So you're awake?" she asked

"Indeed~ how did you know~?"

"I can hear your worry, plus you twitched when I touched your hand"

"Drat~ looks like you got me hehe~ Are you ok~?"

"Yea as much as I can be since I feel like I'd just licked a rusty shovel, I'm sorry if I made you worry" she final moved her hair and looked at him revealing her multi-coloured eyes (left- silver, right- purple) and the dried blood on her face

"Not that bad then~ its quite alright~ I'm just glad your awake again~ so how long you had Tb?"

"Thanks, since I was young, just before I got the mind reading power; my theory is that it was the penalty for the ability to know too much that I also have to handle the knowledge that I will die sooner then those around me" she explained casually before freezing and looking down at her hands "I'm sorry I said too much"

"No don't be, I like your honesty~" he said gentle putting a hand to her face, she looked up at him again to she the sincere smile in place of the crazy grin.

"You're kind, can I ask you something?"

"Of course~"

"Why did you save me? Why did you show a perfect stranger such kindness?" she asked  
"Not really sure~" was what he said but what he thinking something completely different; 'because you looked like you needed saving, not only then but before when you walk past my shop'

She lent over slightly, putting her head on his shoulder, "you don't know how right your were,"

"Care to enlighten me~?"

"I see no need to bore you with my life's problems,"

"But it's what I do~ find out people stories~"

"That I know Undertaker,"

"How do you know who I am?"

"The thought a minute ago, the undertaker shop is the only one I pass to get home, and plus I've heard about you from Ciel"

"Umm that would explain it~" he tapped his chin with a long finger nail "ahh so you know the little Earl huh~?"

"Yea I used to be the head of his rival company in the toy market, well until we went out of business, we would often meet to exchange insults and criticisms, and I remember on the odd occasion he mention one 'eccentric' Undertaker"

"Hehe, eccentric huh~? I like it~ well that's a start~ care to carry on?"

"You really want to hear my life story huh? Well I guess since you're so persistent I've got no choice"

"Yep~ oh yea I forgot would you like some tea and biscuits~?"

"Sure, that would be nice" she smiled at him kindly, moving her head of his shoulder so he could get up

"I'll be right back then~"

He disappeared out of the room, only to return a few minutes later with two beakers of tea and an urn like cookie jar.

"Here you are~"

"Thanks" she replied before taking a few gulps to final get rid of the rusty shovel taste that was the side effects of her last coughing fit "umm where to start…." She says thoughtfully "might as well start with my name, I'm Ivory Summers it should really be Lady Ivory Amelia Summers but I've never liked that title so I don't use it. I am the last of the noble Summers family since my parents and older sister Lela died in a carriage accident 12 years ago.
I get most of my traits from my mother including my ability to read mind, as well as my TB, she used to be a well known psychic in these parts, cynics nicknamed her the 'silver eyed witch'. Not that she ever let it bother her, for she was a trusting, gentle and kind woman, and she knew they where just afraid of what they couldn't explain.
My father, Patrick was the head of the Summers toy company, he was a peculiar man, he was a bit of a big kid really he loved the toys the company created, I think that's what made him so successful.
My sister Lela, was more of a best friend then a sister, even though she was several years older than me she'd always play games with me, she was so like our father, fun loving and kind, she was always destined to take over the company after our father retired." She paused slightly as she thought about her family for the first time in years causing tears to make tracks down her face.

"I'm sorry I did mean to stir up sad memories"

"That's the problem there not sad, if anything they are too happy to bare" she said remembering how her sister would always stay by her side when she was ill, which was often, Lela would always drop everything just so she could look after Ivory. "Lela was always there when I need her, but I wasn't there when she died, she was the only one who didn't die instantly…." Her words fail her as she remember being told what happened and the fact Lela died on the way to hospital, while all along calling out for Ivory.

The Undertaker carefully slips an arm round her shoulders gently pulling her over to him, before stroking her hair to comfort her.

"Thank you" she looked at him and smiled weakly as her eyes glistened with tears,
"after the accident, when I was old enough of course, I had no choice but to take over the company, which went pretty smoothly until around 4 years ago when I had a bad attack, due to the stress of being head of the company, putting myself in hospital for just under six months. When I finally was able to return to work I found out the company had made a very bad investment and lost a great deal of its funds, and it took us two years to get back on track.
But as soon as we where stable again then came yet another hurdle in the form of the Phatomhive Company, who had became a leading toy manufacture pretty much over night. The renewed stress caused my illness to flair up once again, as the managers started to question my fitness for the role of head of the company, and several months later I was forced out of my position, into an advisor role and there began my interaction with the Phatomhive Company.
Unbeknown to myself, my replacement was planning to sell the company to the Phatomhive boy because they believed that the liquidation of the company was inevitable since they couldn't compete with the bigger brands.
Then final they sold the company six months ago, leaving me to slowly rot in my estate, without a reason to live, after having to watch the company my father worked so hard to create and make successful crumble and fall apart. And worst of all I was alone since none of the maid or butlers stayed for long for they would somehow found out I was psychic or otherwise find me frightening due to my odd coloured eyes and that I would cough up blood on the odd occasion. The only person I have in the world is Ebony, my butler"  

"Where is she?"

"She current in the company of Sebastian, she's been there for about a week, since she wanted to train herself, so she could better serve me"

"Is she also a demon?"

"Yes, but I don't have a contract with her, since I decided not too plus she said she has no interest in my soul, she was contracted to my grandfather and she simply stayed on after she had his soul, not really sure why but I'm glad she did"

"Curious, a demon doing something that won't benefit them, that pretty much unheard of…"

"Umm sorry to change the subject but how bad is my back?"

"Oh… pretty bad, but as long as they don't reopen there not life threatening"

"Damn sounds like this time it's gonna be a while until I recover properly" 'drat' she thought after mentioning 'this time'

"What do you mean by 'this time'?"

"To be completely honest this is not the first time I've be attacked, over the years I've be targeted numerous times by money fuelled serial killers, muggers, hit man hired by other companies, etc, etc, etc. but fortunately Ebony's always been there to stop them, so I was never really badly hurt, well not this bad."

"Why was you walking alone when you knew there was the possibility you could be attacked?"

"As I had no option, plus maybe part of me hoped that I would get attacked and they would put me out of my misery" she looked down into her tea watching the liquid swirl slightly due to her hand shaking.

"…" he couldn't think of a reply to her honesty but he couldn't help but start to wonder if she secretly hated him for saving her, forgetting for a moment that she could hear his doubts.

"Of course I don't hate you for saving me, if you hadn't I wouldn't have met you, one of the only people to show me an ounce of kindness in a decade… and not being out of pity… Sorry, didn't mean to intrude on you thoughts"

"Wow that's the first time I'm been called anything but weird in a long while~ thank you~" he laughed as a light blush dusted itself across his features

She looked up at him and smiled "I'm not denying you are weird, but you're also sweet, kind, pleasant to be around and dare I say rather handsome." She laughed as his blush deepened; obviously enjoying the effect her words were having on him.

"Well now you know my story, can I hear yours?"

"Sure what would you like to know~?"

"Umm how about you start with your name?"

"Ok my actually name is Theodore Warren, but most just refer to me as Undertaker, I'm part of a small noble family, who have specialised in Undertaking for centuries. My father set up this shop around the 1850's and I took over just over 12 years ago after he retired, I of course learned everything I know from him. My parents are dead, my father died from a long term illness, and my mother died in an accident at the factory where she worked. I also have a younger brother, but I haven't seen him years since he moved to America to search for a well paying job since he had no interest in the death business."

"Can I call you Theo?"

"I don't see why not~"

"Why do you cover your eyes?"

"I've had to had since they seem to scare the costumers, as they are a quite a peculiar colour, want to see?"

"Yes please"

He took of his hat placing it on the floor, before moving his fringe to reveal his eyes, he wasn't kidding they truly where an odd colour, they were bright golden yellow. They shone like liquid gold and they had a hypnotising effect, they were a little frightening but she liked them. "Wow…" she murmured finding herself unable to look away not that she minded. "They truly extraordinary… a little intimidating but amazing none the less" she sounded awestruck.

He was surprised by her reaction and the fact she didn't look away after the first glance, as everyone else did. He went to cover them again but he was stopped by Ivory as she placed her hand on his "please don't, I like being able to see your eyes" as she moved her hand he caught a glimpse of the scars in her hands and lower arm, she noticed his gaze and hastily retrieved her hand, quickly covering it with her sleeve once more.

He looked at her, with a slightly worried look "self infected?"

She nodded, "Six years ago, the voices got harder to handle, and since I only just started hearing them just before my mother died, she didn't have time to teach me how to block them out, and I just wanted to get away from them"  

"Ahh I see,"   

"You look like you have your share of scars as well" she said trying to divert the attention from her past

"I suppose you could say that" he's tone turned bitter

"What's the matter Theo?" Ivory asked looking up into his face

"Was just thinking about that fateful night, I received these and the person who gave them to me"

"Would you like to talk about it? Who did this to you?"

"They were done by… my wife… Elena…"
hehe~ yet another Undertaker/ Theo ff

just to clarify:
+ Ivory isn't the same character as Forgotten, I just like that name... and i have a thing for use the same name in different ff

+ Theo is mortal in this one (like in the manga) he's about 28/ 29


Part 2: [link]
Part 1: you are here~

Undertaker unfortunately doesn't belong to me but to Yana Toboso
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